Earn via Software Testing at uTest.com

Earn via Software Testing at uTest.com
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uTest  by Applause is a  huge crowd sourcing platform   for freelance software testing and feedback.You’ll have the opportunity to
do paid projects consisting of performing tests on software, apps, and websites.

I was introduced to uTest.com by a friend when Google was conducting a project in my country and they needed participants.

The only way you can earn from uTest is through working on projects which mostly includes:

  • Testing websites
  • Testing freshly developed applications
  • Collecting of data through a given app
  • Inviting participants to projects you are working on

Guide to working on uTest.com

  1. Sign up at uTest platform
  2. Log in and fill up your  tester profile 

 4.Visit the uTest Academy which is VERY important for a new tester.

The Academy offers a range of courses to improve your skills as a tester. Learn new topics, get certified, and increase your tester rank to land the best-paying testing opportunities.

Utest academy


5.You can spent as much time as you need in the academy .You can always revisit the academy whenever you want to sharpen your skills

6.Once you feel satisfied with your skills,visit the projects platform and apply projects that are available.

You will find a sample of paid projects that are open and have unique requirements. 


  1. Applying for a project doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be invited.
  2. Project invitations depend on your devices,operating systems and location of the project
  3. The higher your ranking,the more projects and bonuses you get
  4. Utest mostly communicates through email ie that includes sending project invites
  5. Rankings from top to bottom are:  
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Proven
  • Rated
  • Unrated
  • utest ranking


Utest proof
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