Comparison between Utest and Testerwork

Comparison between Utest and Testerwork
November 2, 2019 1 Comment articles, Opportunities siwelke

Personally,I prefer Utest for a various reason that I am going to post below.


Utest has far better payment for critical issues.An approved critical issues at Utest earns you $12.75 while at Testerwork that earns you $8.00.


Testerwork Payment
Utest Payment

2.Prior Experience

Tester Work is only for qualified testers with testing experience.The online assessment test roots out the unqualified testers after only 2 attempts while at Utest no prior experience is needed and a training academy is always available for new testers with no limit to the amount of retakes you can undergo.

3.Community Forum

Testerwork does not have a Community Forum.The forum in Utest can be used to network with your peers, debate hot topics and exchange knowledge with fellow uTesters.The forum was very important during my newbie days 

4.Projects Tab

Testerwork does not have a projects tab whereas in Utest ,the projects tab enables one to see all upcoming projects and apply to them where they seem qualified.This really frustrates me about Testerwork since the projects tab is an essential part for a testing community


The user interface at Utest is rich with features that guide a tester and speeds up their navigation.Multiple categories that are clearly explained are provided at Utest .The Testerwork interface appears plain with very few features but it’s navigable.

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