Earn through software testing at Testerwork

Earn through software testing at Testerwork
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Tester Work is  is part of a crowdsourced Quality Assurance testing company called Global App Testing with a community of 200,000+ members who work with them and make money testing applications and websites.Currently, payment can be made through either PayPal or via an Upwork contract.

Joining Testerwork

  • Complete registration here or visit  Testerwork directly and click on the become a tester button
  •  You will have to pass the  online assessment that tests your knowledge on testing and grammar.This test can only be done twice and if you fail twice,you won’t be accepted into Testerwork.The test is fairly simple and you can use Youtube to familiarise your self .
  • After passing the assessment test,that’s it.You are now a tester at Testerwork and await invitations.
  • Invitations for projects are through emails so keep an eye on your emails to claim a test spot before they become full.

Quick Note!

Before all this ,I recommend going through their FAQ page as all the necessary information regarding items that might trouble you is available there.

Also visit the learning centre after being accepted to Testerwork.

The threshold of $5 must be reached for a payment to be processed

Always thoroughly read  the guidelines and requirements of the projects and apply to the ones that interest you.

Testerwork has a ranking with elite being the top and bronze the least.The top rank,Elite,receives double payment for each project.

ranking testerwork



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utest vs testerwork

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