25 Inventions that are Out of this World

25 Inventions that are Out of this World
January 16, 2022 1 Comment articles, How To's, Mrwhosetheboss, Youtube siwelke

25.The Impossible Floating Tap

Tap that gives the illusion of floating

24.Quooker tap

Add a Quooker CUBE and you will also have filtered chilled and sparkling water – all from the same tap.


A device that folds laundry for you

22.Pool Live AR

The use of Augmented Reality technology  to give a whole new perspective while playing pool or billiards.

21.Lift hexa

An all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) single-passenger wingless multicopter

20.Titan trash compactor

Titan is an innovative trash can with a hygienic compaction system that reduces trash after compaction.


The SoluBag material is made from non-toxic components, consisting of a synthesis of calcium carbide and natural gas. The components are so harmless that the bag itself can be dissolved, drank, or even eaten by humans or animals without causing any health issues.

18.Bottle crusher by db breweries

This machine lets drinkers instantly turn their empty beer bottles into sand.

17.3D billboards

These billboards use digital technology to produce a three-dimensional image. These billboards are not tangible and 2D.

16.AR  advertising

Augmented reality allows advertising to be an interactive experience between the brand and consumer, where the user is an active participant in the advertising they are exposed to.

15.Chairless chair

Support  your posture while working in a sitting position


It’s a standard-looking shoe that detects when a person is losing balance and is about to fall. It then automatically performs a “backward step”to readjust

13.Epson paperlab

A recycler that turns waste paper into new paper using a virtually dry process.


Smartflower is the innovative sculptural solar flower with advanced photovoltaic solar panels that open and close to cleaning itself for maximum efficiency.


11.Self balancing motorbike

A riding assistant for motorbikes

10.Pop up pedestrian crossing

an interactive pedestrian crossing that responds dynamically in real-time to make pedestrians, cyclists and drivers safer and more aware of each other.

9.Traffic Wind Turbines

a roadside wind turbine that could help harness energy from traffic.

8.Spaceship Neptune

A balloon-borne pressurized capsule designed to carry eight passengers and one pilot to an altitude of 100,000 feet (30,000 meters)

7.Xiaomi cyberdog

 With the new device by Xiaomi, everyone can have such an electronic pet.

CyberDog is a robot dog that can be customized.

6.Samsung Galaxy Z Slide 

Foldable phone with sliding screens

5.Audi skysphere

The concept car was designed with the clear objective of offering its occupants captivating and world-class experience

4.La Moto Volante

The flying motorcycle

2.Immersive VR

The goal of Immersive Virtual Reality is to completely immerse the user inside the computer generated world, giving the impression to the user that he/she has “stepped inside” the synthetic world.

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