Hisense Smart TV’s

Hisense Smart TV’s
September 5, 2020 No Comments articles siwelke

Hisense Televisions are one of the most recommended TV’s if you are on a tight budget.You should however know that Hisense Smart TVs DO NOT run the android operating system(OS) unless actually specified by the manufacturer.

Hisense TVs run their own operating system called VIDAA that is said to  make interacting with your Hisense TV faster and more responsive through their beautifully crafted user interface.

Although all this is true,here are some facts that you should know about VIDAA os:


  1. You can not install other apps through sideloading.”sideloading” typically means installing an application in APK format onto an Android device.Vidaa OS is not pure android thus you can’t install any apps throuh a flash disk,memory card or hard disk.You are restricted to using the  preinstalled apps only.
  2. Vidaa  runs on an outdated version of android specifically Android 4.2. 2 Jelly Bean.This means that multiple modern websites and apps will  not work in your TV.I tried navigating to most streaming websites which failed to even load.
  3. Vidaa OS has an apps store called ‘AppsNOW’ with a very small library of mostly unnecessary  and useless apps.You will not find apps like HULU or Nord VPN
  4. There is no google play store thus you are forced to used the preinstalled AppsNow store.

Overally,Hisense Smart TV’S are for those who require little from their TV.If you’re satisfied with only Netflix,Youtube ,Amazon  Prime or Plex then go for it.

Other wise,you will have to purchase and  use an Amazon Firestick or Roku devices or any android TV devices

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