How to bypass the download limit and restrictions

How to bypass the download limit and restrictions
January 28, 2020 1 Comment articles, How To's siwelke

Learn how to download from cloud storage without worrying about the download speeds or the limit to what you can freely download.

The following free third party apps will help you bypass capping of  the download speeds without requiring you to have a premium mega account. 

MegaDownloader is a very lightweight PC  and Android app.

It has a very minimalistic, user interface featuring easy-to-use tools for organizing download of MEGA files.

Megadownloader has no ads at all  and does not require you  to visit website to confirm any download.

Simply copy the link of the file (URL and the included download key) and the app will immediately recognize it in your clipboard, and add it to the download queue.

mega downloader

Features of MegaDownloader

  • Automated download of a large number of files – Perfect for both occasional users who want hassle-free download and cloud storage enthusiasts who want to rely on MEGA for file backup or collaborative file sharing
  • Support for parallel downloads – Take full control over organizing the download of a large number of files.
  • Support for segmented download for each file – Boost the download speed by downloading several segments of each file at the same time.
  • Download files of all sizes – From several kilobytes to several gigabytes, Mega Downloader can handle them all. Be aware that downloading of multiple large files can put a strain on older PC configurations.
  • Rapid download speed – Unleash the full potential of your internet connection.
  • No need to visit Mega website – Authenticate your account in MegaDownloader and download files without the need to ever visit
  • Integrated support for video streaming – Integration with VLC video player can enable you to directly playback video files that are being streamed from
  • Available for all modern versions of Windows OS, on desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.
  • No Ads!
  • Completely free for use, with no in-app microtransactions, subscriptions or hidden fees.
  • Does not currently support Linux OS.

How to use MegaDownloader

Megabasterd is a portable multi-platform tool for streaming, downloading and uploading audio and video content from

  • Multi platform.(Windows,Mac,Linux)
  • Portable.
  • Supports any MEGA link (/#!, /#F! and /#N!).
  • Supports any clon link of (password protected too).
  • Supports mega://enc, mega://enc2 and mega://elc links.
  • Supports DLC containers.
  • Supports resuming down/uploads.
  • Supports audio/video streaming from any MEGA supported link.
  • Down/up speed limiter.
  • Strong disk encryption for store your sensitive data.
  • Open source.

How to use MegaBastered

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