Linux Tutorials

Linux Tutorials
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Switching to Linux

I recommend using Zorin OS for te following reasons:Zorin is very beautiful.In my personnal  view,it's the most similar to Windows ...
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linux mint sound

How to fix the microphone not working in Linux Mint

Is your laptop's camera immediately not working every time you restart your laptop?If yes,then the steps below might help you ...
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xpad store

Sticky Notes for Linux

Xpad is a very simple to use sticky notes desktop app for Linux that gets the work done.It's very lightweight ...
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How to test Linux Distros without downloading them

Distrotest  is a website that allows you to test more than 200 Linux and Unix operating systems online without needing ...
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kernel panic

How to fix the “Kernel panic – not syncing – attempted to kill init” error

A "kernel panic" is an unrecoverable error condition in, or detected by, the Linux kernel. It represents a situation where ...
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Linux essentials for beginners

Remember to support the authors. Linux download ...
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