Motion Cinema at Greenspan Mall,Nairobi.

Motion Cinema at Greenspan Mall,Nairobi.
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Motion Cinema is currently the newest movie theater located at Greenspan Mall, Donholm, Nairobi , Kenya.

The cinema offers both 2D and 3D movies with each having a different price.However,you’ll have to pay for the 3D glasses or simply come with yours.The glasses are currently sold at ksh 200.00

Motion Cinema has 3 screens with a total seating capacity of 339 movie fans and a 12-seater gaming lounge on the verge of completion.Their current maximum price was below ksh 500 and quite affordable.The 2D and 3D movies have different prices.

You can contact them through calls/text ,Facebook or Instagram  to enquire about their prices and much more.

Motion cinema official contact:  0700 945945

Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages using the icons below

The exact location of Motion Cinema is the 3rd floor of Greenspan Mall, Donholm accessed through Savannah Road.Below is the map to the cinema.


  • 2D movies are all the movies you watch in your TV or any movie at its regular settings.. It only has length and breadth.
  • In 3D movies There is length, breadth and height. 3D movies provide special glass ,giving you the in the movie experience .
  • 4D movies gives you an increased feeling like  you’re in the movie, by giving rain, wind and other effects that make you feel as though you’re part of the environment.

Photos of Motion Cinema by @Kashy AP Gohel 19

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