How to confirm your PayPal account with a CBA Loop card.

How to confirm your PayPal account with a CBA Loop card.
November 28, 2019 2 Comments articles, How To's, Kenya siwelke

We will help you link your CBALoop atm card to your Paypal account and also verify it to increase your Paypal limit .

  • Go to your paypal account and select link card
  • Enter your card credentials
  • You should be informed whether it was successful or not.
  • Loop will inform you through SMS that your online transaction at paypal was successful.
  • After that,you can verify your Paypal account but this transaction costs $1.95 (ksh 200).
  • PayPal deducts about the amount to confirm you own the card, you’ll get an SMS notification with some code which you type in your Paypal to complete the confirmation process.
  • The transaction cost is then restored back to your Paypal accounta after confirmation is done.

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    Do they actually send the PayPal code?
    I have not been able to link because from the statement there is no four digit code, just longer codes that don’t work.

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      This method is confirmed to work. However, you will need to contact the bank either through Twitter or a phone call to get the code.It’s recommended to message them through their Twitter. Here is their Twitter contact.
      Take a look at NCBA Loop (@NCBALoop):


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