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Reading Comics on PC

  • Apps for reading already downloaded comics
  1. ComicRack-I highly recommend this one since it has a  similar android app for easy syncing.
  2. MComix-For both Windows and Linux
  3. CDisplay Ex-Has a similar android app but its  only for Windows devices
  4. Tachiyomi-A free open source reader for android and PC suitable for manga .It also supports an online comic book source and comics
  • Websites for reading comics online
  1. Getcomics site -It as an alternative place to get downloaded absolutely free comic files, particularly US based comics published by DC and Marvel. The site is very user friendly to navigate.
  2. ReadComicOnline-Somewhat complex user interface
  3. Read-comic online-It’s links directly to the comic once you click any

Downloading comics

For downloading,I prefer using getcomics  and Tachiyomi since it has vastly compiled and categorized comics.

get comics website

More content on comic book readers can be found here.

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    Tachiyomi is very excellent.Remember to install extensions you need in the extensions menu


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